Trademark definition

  • The pattern represents current; W is the initial of WINNER, which simply, vividly and intuitively express the attributes of this industry. W consists of 2 Vs denoting the inverter’s operating principle of inverting the current from sine wave to another sine wave. The beautiful and flowing curve of W signifies the vitality of the company and the progress from one victory to another victory. It inspires the employee to enhance the competition of the company and stick to the conception of harmony, endeavour, honesty, win-win
  • The balance of the soaraway letter W with the ellipse denotes that the company innovates incessantly, always seeks for greater perfection in quality, and the company will take off through strategy of brand promotion.
  • The symbol’s style is modern and integral. The company’s visual image is well conveyed. The distinctive character of the brand is obvious, it has distinct brand conception.
  • The symbol matches well the company’s conception Technology saves energy, wisdom creates future.
  • The color mainly adopts red and dark blue. The red signifies fervency, solemnness and splendor. Dark blue represents broadness, profundity and steadiness.




Established in Mar., 2004, Shenzhen Winner S&T Co. ,LTD. is a High-New-technology enterprise titled by the government. It is the council member of the inverter branch of china electric appliance industrial association. All the company’s software and hardware were developed by itself, and all the products bears its own intellectual property. Occupying 5 floors of office and production area with 7000 square meters and annual production capacity of 50000 units, Shenzhen Winner has become the mainstream of inverter suppliers in china and it is the first company which offers...

High-voltage inverter :

High-voltage inverter WIN-HV

Medium and commercial voltage inverters :

High-performance powerful vector control inverter WIN-9GV

High-performance powerful vector control inverter WIN-VC

Standard inverter WIN-9